In many cases, whether you're dealing with file revisions or changeset revisions, you'll have the opportunity to specify a specific revision or range of revisions you want to work with. This is normally done with the -r option, and is explained under bk helptool range. Here are the common variations you'll see:
 -r+                  # most recent revision
 -r1.100              # specifically revision 1.100
 -r1.100..1.200       # revisions 1.100 through 1.200
 -r1.100..            # from 1.100 to most recent
 -r..1.200            # from earliest up to 1.200

There is also a "," operator to exclude the endpoints of a range:

 -r1.100,.1.200       # 1.101 up to and including 1.200
 -r1.100.,1.200       # 1.100 up to 1.199
 -r1.100,,1.200       # 1.101 up to and including 1.199

There are more variations you can see under bk helptool range, but the above are good for a start. (You should also look under bk helptool terms, for a variation involving the "@" character which lets you select a file revision based on a changeset associated with that file.)

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