Our Donors

These generous donors are supporting the NTP Public Service Project with their contributions (in reverse chronological order). Please see DonatingToTheProject if you are interested in supporting the Project.

ALERT! Please contact the Donations Liaison if your donation is not listed here or the listing is not correct.

    • PCI card for the Acutime refclocks
    • Date: 26 September 2006

  • Dave Knight
    • Two Desktop Servers, and enough extra parts to almost build another
    • Date: 29 May 2006

  • Anonymous
    • Rackmount Server, PCI Audio and 4-port serial cards, other assorted hardware
    • Date: 29 March 2005

  • Anonymous
    • Build Farm access
    • Date: 22 July 2003

  • ISC
    • Internet Systems Consortium, Inc., (ISC) is supporting the NTP Public Services Project through their HOSTED@ programme. ISC also provided our first Rackmount Server.
    • Date: 1 November 2003

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