Release Notifications and Information


Notifications about new versions of NTP are available in the following ways:

Service Stable Development DownloadSorted ascending Changes
E-mail checked checked checked checked
Facebook checked checked checked checked
Freecode checked checked checked checked checked checked checked unchecked
IM checked checked checked unchecked
IRC checked checked checked unchecked
SMS checked checked checked unchecked
RSS checked checked checked checked
Twitter checked checked checked unchecked
Usenet checked unchecked checked checked
Finger checked checked unchecked unchecked


Announcements are made through the following mailing-lists:


Our RSS Feed is published on the RSS/Blog tab of the Network Time Procol Facebook Page. You may subscribe to this app to add our RSS Feed to your News Feed.


Current version, release date and size are available from the finger daemon

  • finger for the current Stable Release
  • finger for the current Stable Release Candidate
  • finger for the current Development Release


Freecode members may subscribe to the NTP Project on Freecode and receive e-mail release notifications through that site.


Abbreviated release announcements are made on the NTP Reference Implementation related channels on

  • Stable releases are announced on #ntp
  • Development releases are announced on #ntp-dev


The current releases of NTP are listed on the Current Versions of NTP RSS feed. You will need an RSS Reader to view this feed; some contemporary web-browsers include an RSS Reader. Please visit the DMOZ Feed Readers directory for a list of RSS Readers.

Add our releases feed to your web-site using the following JavaScript from

<script language="JavaScript" src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<a href="">Web RSS</a> by FeedBucket.

Microblogging, IM, and SMS

Abbreviated announcements are posted on the NTP TWitter page and NTP page. Users of these micro-blogging services who add NTP as a friend will see these announcements on their own pages.

TWitter and users may choose to receive these abbreviated release announcements through their micro-blogging service's IM gateway. Please check your micro-blogging service provider's web-site for the currently supported IM services and gateway status.

Twitter and users may choose to receive these abbreviated announcements on their mobile phones through their micro-blogging service's SMS gateway. Please check your micro-blogging service provider's web-site for their SMS gateway status.

ALERT! Your mobile phone provider may charge for this service.


Announcements for Stable releases of NTP are posted on the comp.protocols.time.ntp and comp.os.linux.announce news-groups.

Links and Information

The following download links and release information about NTP are available:

Download Links

In addition to the services marked Download in the Notifications table, download links are published at:

Browsable Release Information

Includable Release Information

Release Information that may be included in your web-page is published as:

Please contact if you need our release information in another format.

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