NTP Pool Time Servers uses DNS round robin to make a random selection from a pool of OpenAccess time servers. This is often good enough for end-users. The minimal ntpd configuration file (e.g. /etc/ntpd.conf) for using is:

driftfile /var/lib/ntp/ntp.drift


UPDATED If you have a buggy DNS name resolver which doesn't properly do round robin ('ntpq -pn' shows the same server three times) you can use, and For users of zones, there are now also 0, 1 and 2.<zone> subzones. If enough servers are available, the subzones won't overlap (currently only europe and the global zone), for the other zones, some servers may be present in more than one subzone.

ALERT! Any questions about the server pool should be directed either to the mailing list or to the comp.protocols.time.ntp usenet newsgroup.

IDEA! Time server operators are encouraged to visit the web-site to find out how they can support the NTP pool.

To make it possible to select a timeserver which is geographically close, subzones of have been created (as of 26.1.2005):

ISO: Area: HostName:
North America
South America
AT Austria
AU Australia
BE Belgium
BR Brazil
CA Canada
CH Switzerland
CL Chile
DE Germany
DK Denmark
ES Spain
FI Finland
FR France
GT Guatemala
IE Ireland
IL Israel
IT Italy
JP Japan
MX Mexico
MY Malaysia
NL Netherland
NO Norway
NZ New Zealand
PH Philippines
PL Poland
PT Portugal
RU Russia
SE Sweden
SG Singapore
SI Slovenia
TR Turkey
UK Great Britain

When using the by-country zones (or the by-continent zone), be careful: some of them currently contain only one or two servers, so you are probably better off using either the zone of a nearby country, or using the continent or global zone (This is also valid if you live in a big country. For example, has only one server).

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