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Comment Time and time again, companies spend heavily on product development and marketing, but fail to consider disabled people who might use their products. This supervision seems irresponsible: In the US, 54 million adults - or one in five Americans - have physical or dominoqq mental disabilities. People with disabilities have a combined income of more than one trillion dollars - and are willing to spend on products and technology that make their lives more productive.

Brands that ignore the needs of this group give up the opportunity to reach this growing demographic. They also put their business at a higher risk for expensive lawsuits, such as $ 6 million in damage that was targeted to be paid in 2008 for failing to make some of its Web content accessible to people.

One way for companies to approach accessibility is to consider universal design principles, which require a product to be built for everyone, including those with disabilities. For example, GE has recently designed a kitchen with equipment such as a motorized adjustable sink that can be used by both tall and short people, including those in wheelchairs or people with bodily disabilities. GE markets the kitchen as "Real Life Design."
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