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Happy birthday images girlfriend. Suddenly I felt I was being watched. I held my eyes straightened on the book. From the corner of my eye I saw that a young woman was sitting across from me. Short dark red skirt, well-shaped, slightly tanned legs. I felt that she was still watching me, staring at the lines that were gradually blurring before my eyes. I took a deep breath, waited until my heartbeat had calmed down. I gathered all the courage and looked into her face. She had big eyes. Big, dark eyes. Beautiful eyes. Sad eyes. Mutely, our gaze met. Desperately, I looked for words. She lowered her head and looked at her hands, which she held folded in her lap. I stared at her unconcernedly. I was still looking for words. But I knew it was too late. At the stop "Wagengasse" she jumped up, gave me a greetingless, sad look and hurried out of the bus.

Happy birthday images girlfriend. I watched as she walked down the stone road with her eyes lowered. The image of this fascinating woman did not let go. I was restless, restless, trying to distract myself, but I could not. I went to bed early and tried to arrange what had happened. As usual, I had driven home from work on line no. 17, but half an hour later than usual. At once I had deepened my reading, paying no attention to the passengers. When I saw her, the bus had already passed through the hunter's house. It was probably on the university campus.

Happy birthday images girlfriend. She was certainly a student. She was probably new to the university, the summer semester had just begun. I wondered what she was going to study. German studies or foreign languages, perhaps also law or biology. No, happy birthday pics probably more with languages. I tried to put her picture together. The big dark sad eyes. The narrow nose. The full mouth. The brown glossy long straight hair. The narrow, slightly angular face. The longer I put the parts together, the more clearly I felt that I had never seen a more beautiful face in my life. I had to see her again.

Again I can feel it very clearly: I am observed. I turn around. A veil. Or is it a fog? A face. Contours blurred. Big, sad eyes. Grell-painted lips form toneless words in a foreign language. The dark-roasted skirt is just enough of the shame. Fire red painted fingernails pull back the hem. The thighs open. A powerful force pulls me between the spread legs. An abyss. I fall. I fall. I fall.

Happy birthday images girlfriend. I jumped up. Everything was dark around me. My heart throbbed, sweat whirled on my forehead. A lightning flashed my spine. It was only when I felt the warm, moist, sticky mass between my legs that I realized I had been dreaming. The next day I had only one thought. I had to see her again. I could hardly wait for the evening. As I had done the day before, I drove half an hour later than usual with line 17 from work. I hoped I would meet the unknown beauty. But she did not come.
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